Management is about knowing how to get things done -- either using your own time and skill or someone else's -- in a cost effective and predictable manner. And management is about communication, both up and down the hierarchy. Although I sometimes envy those that have lavish budgets with which to market their products, I've discovered that a good idea executed intelligently can be just as effective. But you have to know where to draw the line: if you don't have enough resources (either money or people) to execute a project professionally or effectively, it's better to forego that project than waste whatever resources you have doing it badly.

Plans and Policies

When launching a new product or developing a new look and feel for an organization, I write fairly comprehensive plans that are used to keep all of the constituents -- senior management, product marketing, outside vendors, copywriters, etc. -- on the same page. Here are two examples:

  • Barnwell Whaley Marketing Plan:The execution of this plan included a new Barnwell Whaley web site and an advertising campaign in the local Business Journal.
  • Barnwell Whaley Billing Policy and Procedure:This policy took the form of a Power Point presentation and two-hour training session for the entire staff, including paralegals, secretaries and attorneys.
  • Netergy Advanced Telephony System Launch Plan:I wrote this launch plan for the introduction of the Netergy Hosted iPBX. The launch included a launch party with a theatrical production (roller skates!) produced by Radio Ranch. It was great fun.
  • NetSpeak Residential Services Solution Launch Plan:After focusing primarily on VoIP for long distance applications, NetSpeak turned its attention to a local solution called Residential Services. This launch plan describes the functionality and features of the product, as well as the communications strategy employed to get the word out.


I've hired literally hundreds of people during my career, and 80% of them were keepers. Here are some of the maxims I've developed for selecting good folks:

  • Native intelligence
  • Work ethic
  • Appropriate experience (show me examples!)
  • A demonstrated ability to learn and adapt
  • A sense of humor
  • Diplomacy
  • Fluent communications
  • Energy
  • An organized mind


No one likes budgeting, but they are absolutely essential to running any good marketing effort. I have substantial experience in developing budgets: I know how much advertising, media relations, trade shows, launch events and other such things cost, not only domestically but internationally (particularly Europe and Asia).