About Scott

Most of Scott's business biography is chronicled in his resume, which you can find here. The following provides some "pre-history" and some notes on his personal interests.

Scott and Brother CraigA fourth-generation Californian, Scott (shown at left with younger brother Craig) was born and raised in the Los Angeles area. As a child, he was a consummate nerd (although he somehow managed to work swimming and water polo into the mix), learning both auto mechanics and electronics at his father's knee. He was (and is) an avid reader, devouring all the science fiction he could get his hands on (from Tom Swift to Asimov) until eventually becoming excessively fond of the Victorian novel.

He attended college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, initially studying mechanical engineering before switching to his first love, English Literature, in which he obtained a Bachelor of Arts. This academic history, as much as anything, illustrates the dual nature of his interests.

After graduating, Scott found a job working as a hardware technical writer at Pertec Computer Corporation, which took advantage of his writing skills and his understanding of technology. There he learned digital electronics under the tutelage of Dr. Tom Armbruster and wrote theory of operations manuals for Pertec's mini-computers.

After18 months, he was recruited to work at Emulex as the founding member of their technical publications department. He worked for Emulex for seven years, overseeing the expansion of the department to 7 writers and an illustrator. Along the way, Scott oversaw the installation of a Compugrahic typesetting system and one of the first desktop publishing systems (based on Sun Workstations).

In 1989, Scott moved to Silicon Valley to work for LSI Logic as the Technical Publications Manager in their Microprocessor Division. Doing so gave him the opportunity to learn the SPARC and MIPS architectures, including details of their CPUs, floating point processors and memory management units.

For the rest of Scott's business history, see his resume.

Scott has two children, Malcolm and Tyler, both of whom live in Brooklyn. Malcolm is a recent graduate of NYU and currently works for St. Bernards, a boy's school on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Tyler is an honor student studying Philosophy at Hunter College. Scott is immensely proud of them both.

When Scott was 17, a high school friend took him sailing on his family's Coronado 27. Scott was absolutely gobsmacked by the experience and sailing became a life-long passion.

During the early years of his career, he was unable to afford a boat of his own, so he got his sailing fixes by chartering boats out of Newport Harbor in Southern California, which led to lots of learning experiences. He eventually got pretty good at it.

After the move to Silicon Valley (motivated in part by a desire to join a start up, make a lot money and buy a boat), Scott met a guy with a Columbia 50, which allowed him the opportunity to sail on San Francisco Bay for free. Well, actually, he had to work on the boat, but he didn't mind at all.

After joining a start-up (C-Cube) and making a bit of money from stock options, Scott finally bought a boat of his own, which had been rode hard and put away wet (to use an expression usually applied to horses). He fixed it up (with the help of a boat yard and others) and had great fun sailing it with friends and family in Southern California and Florida.

JamminScott sails his current boat, Jammin, out of Charleston, South Carolina. Some of the improvements he's made to her are chronicled in the sidebar, which illustrate his complimentary interest in woodworking.

Scott also plays guitar but does not sing (except when alone), rides a Suzuki V-Strom, and enjoys movies. And he still reads Victorian novels. A lot.