Management is about getting things done in a cost-effective and predictable way using human and money resources. I've been a manager for most of my career, and I'm good at it. Follow the management link for some words on my management philosophy, but look around the site to see what my management skills have produced. All of this work is the result of my management of myself, my employees, department budgets, vendors and my superiors.

Nobody buys products of which they are not aware. Advertising gives companies the opportunity to obtain awareness with the kind of twist that creates desire.

Media Relations
It's more than just press releases. I've hidden under a table to hand Andy Pargh (the Gadget Guru) a videophone handset on the Today Show and spoon fed Junko Yoshida (EE Times) the finer points of digital video technology -- whatever it took to get the story out.

With today's dizzying array of competing products, often the consumer's impression of a brand is the only real differentiator. Developing and communicating a brand promise is both a science and an art, which I've had the pleasure (and pain) of practicing. Integrated circuits are commodities in today's world, so how does a company keep OEM customers from switching chips based on price alone? Branding works for ingredients, too.